about us


The Law Office of Jasmine Kiai is exclusively dedicated to immigration and nationality law. We handle various immigration matters with a focus on self-petition and employment-based immigration. We have helped thousands of individuals throughout the United States and around the world. We strive to offer our clients with high-quality legal services and personalized representation, while also offering reasonable rates. We believe that personalized attention, communication, and compassion are important for effective attorney-client relationships. 

We specialize in helping researchers, scientists, and engineers obtain permanent residency/green cards through the EB1A (extraordinary ability), EB1B (outstanding researcher or professor), and NIW (national interest waiver) categories. We also specialize in helping individuals obtain O1A extraordinary ability visas based on their accomplishments in the sciences. We have successfully represented individuals in various fields such as the following: Immunology, Molecular Biology, Virology, Preventive Medicine, Geology, Public Health, Cell Biology, Chemical Engineering, Plant Science, Computer Science, Pharmacology, Structural Biology, Materials Science, Obstetrics, Microbiology, Chemistry, Molecular Medicine, Ophthalmology, Architectural Science, Radiology, Psychology, Developmental Biology, Civil Engineering, Entomology, Physics, Animal Science, Epidemiology, Genetics, Nanomedicine, Hematology, Bioinformatics, Mechanical Engineering, Endocrinology, Physiology, Gastroenterology, Environmental Science, Geriatrics, Biotechnology, Translational Medicine, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Neuroscience, Cancer Biology, and much more! 

We also specialize in helping individuals obtain O1B extraordinary ability visas, and permanent residency through the EB1A and NIW categories, based on their accomplishments in the arts (e.g., composers, performers, musicians, and artists). 

With our experience and dedication, we have a proven track record of success with high approval rates.