I had the pleasure of working with Jasmine Kiai on my EB2 (NIW) petition last year. I would firstly like to thank her for the successful petition and secondly for the ease of working with her. 

Jasmine was very knowledgeable on how to highlight my scientific achievements and how to present the case in the strongest way possible. She did tremendous work in putting together a superb petition and reference letters. Jasmine was always accessible, she responded to every smallest query that I had, and guided me through the process.

I give her five stars and I would highly recommend her firm. 

-Former NIW client from National Institutes of Health

I would like to thank Attorney Jasmine Kiai and her firm for doing an outstanding job on my I-140/EB-1A application. Jasmine is a genuine and trustworthy lawyer. It was refreshing to work with a lawyer / law firm that actually does what they say they are going to do. Jasmine genuinely cares about her clients and leave no stone unturned to prepare a successful and compelling application. Jasmine is very knowledgeable and I was very impressed by the reference letters and application she drafted. Jasmine also personally and promptly responded to every single one of my emails and she had effective communication throughout the entire process.

Thank you to Jasmine and her firm. You are the best immigration law firm.

-Former EB1A client from a research company


I am a PhD scientist and Jasmine Kiai helped me with my EB1A I140 application. I had a very positive experience working with her and she was extremely helpful at every stage of the process. she is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what is required to make a strong case. She was always very prompt in replying to all my queries, kept a very strict timeline, wrote very strong reference letters, and petition letters. Sometimes the application adjudication process with USCIS takes a very long time, and she was always very optimistic and patient through out the time. Last but not the least, she has very affordable rates and easy installment plans without any compromise to the quality of service. I am very happy with how she handled my I-140 application and wholeheartedly recommend her for any immigration needs.
-Former EB1A client from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) 

This is the absolute best immigration law firm. Atty Jasmine was very knowledgeable and prepared a spectacular I-140 application. The best part is she drafted the recommendation letters, whereas most of the other law firms out there only draft the petition letter and not the letters. It was such a relief that I did not have to draft the letters. She even personally communicated with me every step of the way, whereas most law firms have their paralegals or assistants correspond with you. Atty Jasmine was gracious and supportive throughout my green card process. I am very grateful and relieved I hired her firm instead of some big law firm. I recommend The Law Office of Jasmine Kiai to everyone.

-Former EB1A client from a research company


Thank you to the Law Office of Jasmine Kiai for helping me obtain an approval on my I-140 case. Jasmine was able to achieve what other firms told me was impossible. I cannot begin to describe how happy I am with Jasmine and her firm. 

-Former I-140 client from National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Jasmine is an expert in green cards. Jasmine has been in the field for many years and she has immense knowledge. She processed my case efficiently and expertly. Jasmine and her firm gave me a new life with my green card.

-Former NIW client from a U.S. company

I am a PhD Scientist working in the area of structural biology. I am an Indian national. I came to know about Ms. Jasmine Kiai through my friend. I've sent my CV for initial evaluation and she was very honest and encouraging. After communicating with her and few enquiries, I decided to go with her law firm for my EB1 (I-140 and I-485). Ms. Jasmine Kiai was forthright and professional from the get-go. The attorney fees are very reasonable. Once I decided to become her client, she remained prompt, professional and no-nonsense, and she was clear in outlining, explaining and confirming what I had to do, and which documents were required. She is tech-savvy, everything was done seamlessly through dropbox and was also very quick in getting back to me throughout the process, in understanding the needs of my case for USCIS, and in explaining correspondence to me. Consequently, my I-140 was successful. I was very pleased with Jasmine’s work on my case and I highly recommend her. Thank you again Ms. Jasmine!  

-Former EB1 client from New York Structural Biology Center 

Jasmine, it has been a pleasure working with you on my visa. You have great attention to detail and respond so quickly to my emails and phone calls. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job with my visa application. I will most definitely come to you and your law firm when the time comes to apply for green card.  

-Former O1 client from a U.S. pharmaceutical company


I highly highly highly recommend. Jasmine handled my EB-1 application and she was organized, responsive, and efficient. She had clear instructions and flawless letters. Always on point and detailed-oriented. Jasmine really knew how to present the case to get it approved. I am glad I followed her advice. I had by far one of the best experiences.

-Former EB1 client from a U.S. company

It is my pleasure to write about Attorney Jasmine Kiai. I was a client of Jasmine for filing EB1A petition. My experience of working with Jasmine was great. Overall, I am very satisfied with work she has done. I found she is very professional and handles the case very carefully more importantly she is patient with all sorts of your queries and replies quickly. I am very impressed with the way she drafted the reference letters and made the case stronger. Additionally, the suggestions she gave me turned out to be very positive. I strongly recommend you to seek her help you will be happy

-Former EB1A client from University of Florida 

Jasmine Kiai and her law firm helped me get a work visa (O1) a few years ago. I recently asked her to help me get a researcher green card (EB1), which was just approved! Jasmine is the most genuine and compassionate attorney you will ever meet, period. She is very responsive and personally responds to every email sent to her firm. Jasmine is extremely intelligent and works tirelessly and fearlessly to obtain successful results. She cares about every detail in the application package and really goes the extra mile. Jasmine is a true expert in the field.

-Former O1 client from a U.S. company

I would highly recommend Jasmine as she handled my I-140 petition very professionally and efficiently. She is a diligent worker and takes that extra step in preparing your case to the best of her ability. I was super impressed by her turnaround time as I was in a rush to submit my petition and she thoroughly impressed me with her efficient work. She never misses to respond to email queries and always replies within 24 hours which is commendable. Her proficiency and knowledge about the subjects is tremendous and that translates into the awesome letters she drafts. She is always available for any advice on the case and does not hesitate to share it for the benefit of the case. She is a thorough professional and an amazing person to work with.  

-Former EB1A client from Texas A&M University 

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Jasmine for doing a fantastic job for getting my I140 approved. I came to know about Jasmine through a friend who got his I140 approved. He recommend me to consult Ms. Jasmine if I be applicable for EB1A. The whole process from consulting to I140 approval was very clear and well planned. She is very detail oriented and did a fantastic job with letters and petition documents. I strongly recommend The Law Office of Jasmine Kiai for anyone who wants to get I140 approved and also beyond with respect to immigration in general.

 -Former EB1A client from Stanford University  


I recently got my I-140 approved with The Law Office of Jasmine Kiai. I would like to thank Jasmine for an excellent job on my application. She really cares about her clients, so I could trust in her and leave everything in her hands for my application without any doubt. Even though I was far away from San Diego, I was very impressed by her prompt e-mail responses so that the application process proceeded very quickly. Moreover, I was impressed at her ability to translate my scientific achievements into professional reference letters and immigration petition. Jasmine answered all the questions and concerns that I had throughout the application in a prompt manner. I strongly recommend her service for anyone considering immigration application. I really appreciate her effort putting into my application. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much again for all your work.

-Former I-140 client from a biotechnology company

I had the pleasure of working with Jasmine Kiai in applying for our green card. In our first email exchanges, Jasmine had kindly answered my questions & provided me with a questionnaire to assess my eligibility and to present the best options for me. I really appreciate her counselling during this initial process, she was not pushy and was very patient in answering all our questions.  Our situation demanded a strict and relatively short timeline (4 months) by the time we decided to apply for the green card. Jasmine was able to work with us in a timely manner; she guided us through the process, was fast to respond to emails, provided guidance so that we could get all our paperwork in place and on time. I find her grasp of the scientific language to be particularly impressive, she is able to impress the importance of my work and expertise in an eloquent manner that is easy to understand. This is an important consideration for a candidate who is applying for an employment based green card.  Jasmine is a true professional and one that clearly excels at her role as an immigration attorney. Our green card application has been successful thanks to her help. We would not hesitate to recommend her to others and have in fact made some recommendations to friends who are considering this green card.  

-Former NIW client from University of California

I wanted to recommend Jasmine Kiai, who has great experience in immigration matters. She was instrumental in drafting my EB1 petition, which got approved in 9 days. She has a keen eye for details, and is thoroughly professional...She provided very valuable and timely attention to my case. She has been extremely professional and thorough in her work.  

-Former EB1 client from Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP)

I was referred to Ms. Jasmine Kiai by another attorney. When I spoke with Ms. Kiai about my case it was clear that she was very experienced. Ms. Kiai was extremely intelligent and thorough. Her guidance and expertise were immeasurable. Through the entire process, she responded to my emails in a prompt manner. The best part was that my case was approved by USCIS in just one month! 

-Former EB1 client from a university in New York

I contacted many attorneys before choosing Attorney Jasmine to handle my case. I was impressed with her education and experience. When I contacted her law firm for a consultation, Attorney Jasmine was sincere, patient and professional. She explained the entire process to me very clearly. Besides all of this, I could not believe that her firm had such reasonable prices. She is the best! 

-Former NIW client from University of California

Jasmine worked on my EB1A and NIW cases, both of which were APPROVED with her help! Jasmine went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help me obtain approvals. She always responded to my emails and calls quickly. She even offered an installment plan to pay the fees. She was very EXPERIENCED and knowledgeable. She was very THOUGHTFUL and really cared about working to obtain approvals on both of my cases.

-Former EB1A and NIW client from National Institutes of Health (NIH) 


Attorney Kiai prepared a very well-written and very comprehensive package for my NIW green card. Her letters were detailed and well-written and she was very meticulous in her work. On top of that, she personally answered my emails and calls even though she has an assistant. Even with the time difference (I am in Spain), she talked with me over the phone. Attorney Kiai was always friendly and patient. Her pricing was affordable too.

I recommend her for any immigration issues. I am now in the consular processing stage after getting approved!!!

-Former NIW client from an international university

Jasmine was excellent in her handling of my NIW case, with quick communication and helpful guidelines.  Through her experienced handling I was able to get approval quicker than expected. Highly recommended! 

 -Former NIW client from Los Alamos National Laboratory

Jasmine is an exceptional immigration attorney, especially for green card applications. She is highly skilled in drafting excellent scientific reference letters and a powerful petition letter. She also has a genuine, professional and patient personality. Her talent and dedication resulted in my EB1A application being approved! I highly recommend Jasmine and your law office.

-Former EB1 client from a U.S. company

Dear Jasmine, I am very grateful to you and your firm for taking my case. Mrs. Jasmine Kiai provides professional advices on my petition and green card filing. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. From the first conversation, she correctly predicted what to anticipate in my case. Her expertise gave me confidence to continue with the firm, immediately after I talked with her. Mrs. Kiai is very supportive and handles the procedure smoothly. She impressed me not only with the professionalism, but also with the art of communication and her availability as an outstanding attorney. I believe Jasmine is absolutely the best Immigration law attorney in the States as far I know. Jasmine, You and your firm have been phenomenal in my case. I appreciate every effort you all have put in to this. Thank you very much for completing my petition very professionally and carefully.  

-Former NIW client from Harvard University

Thank you to Jasmine Kiai and her law firm for my EB1A application approval. Jasmine did an incredible job with preparing a very strong and compelling application for me. I was amazed by the phenomenal work including the reference letters and petition. She is very experienced, knowledgeable, detail-oriented and professional. She also replied promptly to my questions throughout the process. Jasmine’s law firm also has very reasonable fees compared to other law firms. But most importantly, she really cares about her clients and the outcome of each application. I highly recommend.

-Former EB1A client from a biotech company


I have successfully used Jasmine Kiai’s service for my EB2-NIW application. Jasmine has been very communicative and professional from the beginning and throughout the process. She is extremely attentive for details, which ensured that my entire application package was of the highest standard and eventually approved. I am particularly impressed at her ability to translate my scientific achievements into a successful immigration petition statement. Jasmine was always available to address any questions or concerns I had throughout the application. Besides her excellent service, Jasmine offers a very competitive fee. I recommend her service for anyone considering employment based immigration applications.

 -Former NIW client from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 

I would like to thank Jasmine law firm for helping with my EB1A application. I received my I-140 in a very short time! I am so happy for my approval. Jasmine Kiai team did phenomenal work to prepare a very compelling petition for me. They are very knowledgeable in immigration law. Most important, she really cares about each client and the outcome of each application. I was amazed by her professionalism in responding my questions and preparing letters and petition. She replied promptly with best answers to all my messages.  I should say that she is one of the best immigration attorneys in USA. I highly recommend all the researchers who are seeking green card under EB1-A category.  

-Former EB1A client from Yale University


Jasmine did a great job with my EB1A case. She was very thorough with the application and wrote extensively detailed reference letters and petition that appropriately highlighted my achievements. Jasmine even went out of the way to write extra letters to make my case strong, she provided me with helpful pointers and was more than willing to discuss the process with me. My case got approved in about three months and I owe it to her! Thank you so much Jasmine!"
-Former EB1A client from Texas A&M University 

Jasmine's law office is a great team to work with. She is very smart, committed and skilled and I am particularly impressed by her efficiency and punctuality. Thanks to their excellent job, my immigration case went very fast and smooth.  I used Jasmine’s law office service for my NIW (National Interest Waiver) application and she did a great job. She also took care of my AOS application in the best way. Jasmine is the best immigration attorney ever and I have my reasons for my statement. Before I learn about Jasmine’s office, I started to work with an immigration law with a big name, but I couldn’t continue with them. The most important element to work with an attorney is COMMUNICATION, and it was missing there. They were not responsive and mostly provided me with template answers. BUT, Jasmine was different. In my first emails, I asked her to talk over the phone and she kindly and patiently provided me with all information I needed! I was very impressed by the way she wrote my reference letters and petition for my NIW application. I had colleagues who were working with other immigration offices and they were complaining about how much time they spent to revise the reference letters and petition, perhaps due to the technical context. BUT, for me it was different! the first drafts that I received from Jasmine were so flawless that I did not to change anything at all, thanks to her skills and cleverness!  Attorney Jasmine Kiai and her team are amazing and I highly recommend her for all immigration matters. Thank you, Jasmine, for doing a great job!  

-Former NIW client from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Thank you to the Law Office of Jasmine Kiai, for doing an outstanding job to obtain approval of my EB1A petition through premium processing. Attorney Jasmine drafted an excellent petition letter. Importantly, I appreciate that she was also very receptive to my suggestions too. She personally responded to all my queries fairly quickly, and in a courteous and professional way. I appreciate all her efforts on my application and highly recommend her law firm.
-Former EB1A client from Vanderbilt University

Thank you very much for your hard work, responsiveness and quick turnaround on my case. You have been so organized and on top of everything. You have made the entire process very smooth. I am very thankful you are my company’s new attorney. 

-Former I-140 & I-485 client working for a U.S. pharmaceutical company

I want to thank Attorney Jasmine for her excellent work on my EB1B petition, which was approved in just a few days. I am so glad that my employer chose her to handle my Green Card application! I have already recommended her to a couple of my friends. 
-Former EB1B client from a U.S. company

I would like to thank Jasmine for a superb job on my NIW application!! Jasmine is approachable and genuine. I was particularly impressed by her prompt e-mails responses, which made me choose her over other lawyers at the first place. This effective communication indeed was maintained throughout the process. She is a proficient and knowledgeable attorney as per the references letters and the application she put together for my case. Jasmine genuinely cares about her clients and leaves no stone unturned to prepare a successful application package. Overall, working with Jasmine was a great experience for me and I highly recommend her for immigration services!  Thank you again Jasmine! YOU ARE THE BEST ATTORNEY!

-Former NIW client from Boston Children's Hospital 

It was a great pleasure working with Jasmine. She handled my I-140 case very professionally. She always responds your question very quickly, never longer than 24th. She works hard, and I was surprised that she replied my email even at midnight. Her proficiency and knowledge gave me confidence about my application and ease lots of my concerns. In a word, I highly recommend her if you would like to apply for green card.  

-Former NIW client from Loma Linda University 

I strongly recommend using The Law Office of Jasmine Kiai for your Green Card applications. Attorney Jasmine did a brilliant job drafting my petition letter and recommendation letters, which is the reason why my case was approved! She really is exceptional. 

-Former EB1 client from University of California

I am glad to have worked with Attorney Jasmine who helped me with obtaining EB2 NIW approval. Jasmine was always prompt in responding to any questions or concerns I had. She was very careful in preparing the application material carefully. Jasmine is an expert in employment based green card approvals. I would highly recommend her.   

-Former NIW client from University of Texas at Austin 

Jasmine helped me with my NIW self-petition, and she guided me through every single step in an efficient and professional way. She is knowledgeable, diligent and considerate. She always replied to my concerns and questions promptly with clear answers. Her knowledge, intelligence, attention to details impressed me a lot. All the documents she shared were highly organized and easy to follow. With high-quality service, her firm also offers competitive and affordable rates. Jasmine is doing an amazing job, I wholeheartedly recommend Jasmine to represent your immigration matters!
-Former NIW client from National Institutes of Health

 Jasmine did an OUTSTANDING job on my green card application. She was very knowledgeable and skilled. She had creative strategies and made persuasive arguments to obtain an approval for my weak case.

She wrote perfect petition letter and recommendation letters for my researcher green card, which was approved. Thank you! 

AMAZING lawyer! Jasmine prepared my I-140 application. It would not have been possible for my case to be approved without her help. Jasmine is an expert in green card applications. No wonder she is so highly recommended!


 This is the greatest news!!!! Thank you so much!! You are the best!!! We are sooo happy!!! You are just the best, more than 5 stars!!:)

Wow. Jasmine, this wouldn’t even possible without your help. Really from my bottom of the heart thank you so much.  

That is A Wonderful Wonderful and Fantastic News !!! OMG, I can not believe it. Thank you so much for sending me this great news, I am so Happy, you made my day !! :)

That's really great news and its all for you and your tremendous work in putting together that superb petition. Thank you a ton. 

This is in fact the best news. We are very happy. Without your help and expertise I would not have this approval. Thank you so much for everything. 

Great news! Thank you very much for completing my petition very professionally and carefully!

Thank you very much for your professional and effective handling of my case! 

 Thank you so much for breaking this news. You are awesome. 

WOW!!!! You made my day and life!! I can't tell you how relief and happy I am right now!  

Thank you so much for the good news. This happened because of blessings from almighty and the way you presented my case. We are so happy.

We just received my green card, thank you very much for your support. We’re both so happy, especially because we didn’t expect it so quickly! 

A million thanks for your incredible message! And many many thanks for all your support!

Wow. That was a fantastic news. I am ecstatic. You are the best Jasmine.


Words cannot describe how grateful and thankful I am for all your help and putting my application together!! 

Thank you very much! It is all because of your help, I really appreciate you.

Thank you very much! The credit goes to you for doing excellent job on writing petition letter for me who had poor credentials.

Thanks again for filing my petition with your strong supportive writing.

It is wonderful to work with you and get the positive results of my immigration application. Thank you very much. 

We received an email stating that I-140 is approved!!!! It's all because the way you prepared the application. Thanks to you from bottom of our heart. 

It would not have been possible for my case to be approved without your help. You really are an expert.

The work you did was phenomenal.

 Thank you very much for your amazing work!

You are the best immigration lawyer!